Nord 0.6Ω / 1.4Ω Replacement Coil By Smok (x5) Smok - 5


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Looking for a reliable and high-quality replacement coil for your Smok Nord device? Look no further than the Nord 0.6Ω / 1.4Ω Replacement Coil By Smok. This pack of five replacement coils is designed to provide superior performance and flavor, making it the perfect choice for vapers who demand the best.

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The Nord 0.6Ω / 1.4Ω Replacement Coil By Smok is built to last, with a durable construction that ensures long-lasting performance. The 0.6Ω coil is designed for sub-ohm vaping, providing a smooth and satisfying experience with plenty of vapor production. Meanwhile, the 1.4Ω coil is perfect for mouth-to-lung vaping, delivering a more traditional experience that is ideal for those who are transitioning from smoking to vaping.

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If you're looking for a replacement coil that delivers exceptional performance and flavor, the Nord 0.6Ω / 1.4Ω Replacement Coil By Smok is the perfect choice. Whether you prefer sub-ohm or mouth-to-lung vaping, these coils are designed to provide a smooth and satisfying experience that is sure to satisfy even the most demanding vapers. So why wait? Order your pack of Nord 0.6Ω / 1.4Ω Replacement Coils today and experience the ultimate in vaping satisfaction!

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Nord 0.6Ω / 1.4Ω...

BHD 5.762

Nord 0.6Ω / 1.4Ω Replacement Coil By Smok (x5)

BHD 5.762
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SMOK NORD Replacement coils come in a 5-pack, and feature SMOK’s all new kanthal mesh, standard, and ceramic designs while utilizing organic cotton wicking.

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