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A: yes you can vape in KSA, however there are some rules you have to obey. no vaping in shopping Malls/ restaurants or cafe.

Keep in mind you have to be 18+ to Vape its considered as Tobacco Product in ksa region.

A: Yes, Vaping is legal in Bahrain. you have to be 18+ years old. But keep in mind THC, CBD is not LEGALIZED and you will get jailed if you are caught.

A: Yes We do. although there are limits.
1 Vape Device
4 Vape Pods / Coils
2 LTR of Vape E-Liquid Flavor

these are the limit per 1 customer each 3 months.

in one parcel you are allowed to have only a MAX of 5 Quantity.(items)


BHD 9.900 (tax incl.)
The RPM 80 Pro Kit by Smok is a great way to get started with vaping. It includes everything you need to get started, including an RPM 80 battery, an atomizer, a charger, and a user manual. The kit also comes with a...
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Buy Smok Vape Products in Saudi Arabia – The vaping industry continues to explore unique communities worldwide. A plethora of options are available to turn your mind while choosing the best place to buy vape products. BHvapers has no match when it comes to delivering quality and satisfaction together at competitive prices. You can buy Smok vape devices in Saudi Arabia with BHvapers to entertain the unforgettable vape experience.

Smok: ProvidingCutting-Edge Vape Solutions in the Industry

The Shenzhen-based vape products manufacturer was founded in 2010. Since its conception, Smok has acquired quick recognition to be the leading brand in the vape market. It is the first to introduce the dual-coil cartomizer to the domain. Presently, Smok is conceived as one of the rapidly growing and forward-thinking vape companies globally.

In terms of product foil, the subsidiary of Shenzhen IVPS Technology company Smok is engaged in the development and marketing of a massive range of vape devices. It serves vape lovers with great vape formulations, including vape pens, vape kits, mods, pod systems, coils, tanks, and many others.

Demand for Smok Vape Products in Saudi Arabia

Smok vape equipment has collected huge popularity over traditional smoking alternatives. It provides endless choices across each product category to facilitate vape fans with the best possible results. With the increasing number of vape lovers in Saudi Arabia, Smok deploys more focused and dedicated technologies to control nicotine concentrations significantly.

In terms of demand patterns, Saudi Arabia has emerged as one of the leading consumers of Smok vape devices. The number of vapers is supposed to rise in the future as well, given impeccable benefits delivered by Smok inventions.

Top Specialties of Smok Vape Devices

All developments by Smok demonstrate a range of benefits to be the foremost choice of vape lovers. Have a quick glimpse:

  • First, Smok vape products are safer to use as compared to smoking. It ensures better skin health, oral hygiene, lung capacity, and circulation.
  • Secondly, it provides a pleasant fragrance and helps you get rid of unpleasant odors and the smell of the dead tobacco leaves.
  • Excellent nicotine management is assured by Smok in every product. They come in different nicotine concentrations as well.
  • Smok products allow you to choose amongst a whopping range of flavors, tastes, and fragrances.
  • Moreover, Smok devices are readily available in the market. They are more comfortable, economical, and easier to use.

BHvapers: One of the Leading Dealers of Vape Devices in Saudi Arabia | Buy Smok Vape Products Online, Saudi Arabia

Finding the top and authorized vape products dealer is always crucial when we prioritize quality over quantity. The emergence of digitization has made it possible to buy desired vape equipment online. Amongst others, BHvapers comes to dominate the market across all corners and continues to introduce the latest philosophies and metrics.

Further, BHvapers understands customers' unique vape requirements and endeavors to present pertinent solutions.It is the only digital channel where you can shop all sorts of vape devices in Saudi Arabia. On the shelves of BHvapers,a visitor can access the following vape products and accessories:

  • E-cigarettes (rechargeable and disposable)
  • Vape pens
  • E-liquids
  • E-juices
  • Juul Pods
  • Tank systems
  • Salt nic devices

Therefore, BHvapers is a comprehensive destination to cater to your ever-evolving needs for vape devices. All products delivered by BHvapers are highly safe and secure to use. They consider the intake of nicotine professionally to avoid possible health injuries.

Why Choose BHvapers?

Vape lovers in Saudi Arabia can approach BHvapers to get the best value for their money. Further,it is committed to serving clients the best way to quench their desires promptly. The following are some of the significant characteristics BHvapers develops over the years –

  • It is a professionally experienced vape products dealer in Saudi Arabia.
  • BHvapers offers a fully furnished range of vaping equipment to meet your thirst accordingly.
  • All products are safe to use as they comply with international safety standards.
  • Customer support is available 24/7.
  • Efficient return policy for customers who’re unconvinced with quality levels.
  • Quality is the prime motto of BHvapers.
  • 100% customer satisfaction


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