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A: yes you can vape in KSA, however there are some rules you have to obey. no vaping in shopping Malls/ restaurants or cafe.

Keep in mind you have to be 18+ to Vape its considered as Tobacco Product in ksa region.

A: Yes, Vaping is legal in Bahrain. you have to be 18+ years old. But keep in mind THC, CBD is not LEGALIZED and you will get jailed if you are caught.

A: Yes We do. although there are limits.
1 Vape Device
4 Vape Pods / Coils
2 LTR of Vape E-Liquid Flavor

these are the limit per 1 customer each 3 months.

in one parcel you are allowed to have only a MAX of 5 Quantity.(items)


BHD 2.750 (tax incl.)
iQOS - HEETS - Yellow SelectionA smooth and finely balanced tobacco blend. As you’ll notice when opening the packet, HEETS Yellow tobacco sticks are a lot smaller than conventional cigarettes and are designed for use...
BHD 2.750 (tax incl.)
A smooth and finely balanced tobacco blend. As you’ll notice when opening the packet, HEETS Yellow tobacco sticks are a lot smaller than conventional cigarettes and are designed for use exclusively with the IQOS...
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Vape Pods in Bahrain & Saudi Arabia – A vape pod is also known as a mini vaping device. This vaping gadget makes use of a pod to contain and vaporize the e-liquid or the vape juices. It is an attractive and portable vape device that provides you a great vaping experience. Having a higher capacity to contain e-liquids than vape pens, vape pods are highly in demand worldwide. However, to buy the same, you must look for someone who offers a diverse range of vape pods. Thus, we’ll tell you about the Best Online Store to Buy Vapes Pods in Bahrain.

Vape pods are the vaping devices that use a pod system in place of atomizers or the vape tanks. They comprise of a pre-filled or a refillable cartridge that holds and heats the vape juice. For an individual who wants to quit smoking, this is the perfect choice to go for! Vape pods yield the desired results when used along with nicotine salt e-liquids. Moreover, they are more economical and generate high power outputs as compared with vape pens. Reading below you’ll come to know about the leading platform to Buy Vape Pods Online in Bahrain.

BHVapers – Top Online Vape Pods Suppliers in Bahrain

BHVapers is an online store where you get the widest range of vape mods, e-liquids, salt-nic devices, disposable vapes, and all types of vaping accessories at the most affordable prices in Bahrain. We stand amongst the leading exporters of vaping gadgets across the globe. At us, you get to choose from an array of top-notch quality vape pods manufactured by the top vaping brands worldwide. We have vape pods in different variants like size, flavors, and battery. Moreover, we offer multiple options under every price range.

Vape pods are easy to use and fit to be carried along wherever you go. This device is suitable for everyone including those who are new to the vaping world. Our vape pods contain top-class components. Having years of experience, we deliver you long-lasting vape pods that best cater to your vaping desires. The easy functionality and genuine pricing of vape pods is the reason behind their increasing demand. Furthermore, we aim to provide vape pods that best please a vape lover and at a price, they’ll love to pay!

Types of Vape Pods Available at BHVapers

Before buying any vaping device, you should know how to choose the right option. The properties of a vape pod lie between those of an e-cigarette and vape mods. Plus, there are two types of vape pods – open system vape pods and closed system vape pods.

Open System Vape Pods are the most commonly used vape pods. These are refillable pods in which you can fill a vape juice having a flavor and nicotine strengths of your choice. They are a great choice for a vaper who wants high vapor production without creating large vape clouds. Moreover, you can refill the pod with a new flavor when the earlier one dries out.

On the other hand, Closed System Vape Pods can be defined as the pre-filled cartridges. They already contain a flavored vape liquid. Just you have to do is unpack the vape pod and start puffing. These are a perfect choice for one looking for a hassle-free vaping device. On top of that, you don’t have to spend anything on its maintenance and dispose of the product when used.

Why Choose BHVapers?

BHVapers offer 30+ exciting flavors of vape pods in Bahrain. Our vape mods are incomparable in terms of durability and high-performance. We provide quality assured vape mods with large batteries for a long-lasting vaping experience. Moreover, we have vape pods in several sizes, shape, design, and nicotine concentration variants.

Our online store is widely known for its on-time delivery. We have 24*7 Customer Assistance services and easy return policy. On the whole, we provide the best services at modest pricing. Thus, if you wish to buy the best vape pods in Bahrain , contact BHVapers now!



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