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Purple Bomb Grape Iced By VGOD E-Liquid Flavors 60ML
  • Purple Bomb Grape Iced By VGOD E-Liquid Flavors 60ML

Purple Bomb Grape Iced By VGOD E-Liquid Flavors 60ML

5.25 د.ب.‏
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Purple Bomb Grape Iced From The VGOD E-Liquid is a flawless blend with a cluster of sweetly ripened and crisp Concord grapes freshly plucked from the vine with hints of sugary grape candy for the finish. Purple Bomb grants bursts of authentic grapes with sugar coated sweetness for a perfect all day vape experience.

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Our VGOD iced purple bomb delivers a frozen chill alongside a powerful punch of delicious concord grape juice sweetened further with a hint of an added sugary grape candy and a frosty chill for the finish. VGOD’s Purple Bomb is icy grape sweetness. This all-day grape delight culminates with a refreshingly smooth icy exhale for all day satisfaction. 


VGOD purple bomb grape iced is an eruption of the juiciest concord grapes freshly pressed, and mixed with a little extra sweetness reminiscent of your favorite grape candy with an icy cool finish. VGOD purple bomb is an effusion of dark grape juice that will captivate taste buds that crave quality grape satisfaction.


From inhale to exhale, the purple bomb by VGOD lends the essence of fresh dark grapes juice bursting with extra sweetness from an added grape candy mix. Finished with a dash of ice for a smooth and refreshing experience.


  • Item Type: Purple Bomb
  • Flavor: Grapes and Menthol
  • VG/PG: 70%/30%
  • Size: 60ml

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Purple Bomb Grape Iced By...

5.25 د.ب.‏

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