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Vanilla Almond By Roll Upz E-Liquid Flavors 30ML
  • Vanilla Almond By Roll Upz E-Liquid Flavors 30ML

Vanilla Almond By Roll Upz E-Liquid Flavors 30ML

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Vanilla Almond From The Roll Upz E-Liquid, Blend of rich tobacco, smooth vanilla, and savory almonds to keep those cravings in-check.

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Vanilla Almond Tobacco – Juice Roll Upz Salt 

If you’re more of a tobacco fan, Vanilla Almond Tobacco – Juice Roll Upz Salt will blow away your taste buds. The blend of rich tobacco, smooth vanilla and savory almonds will take care of all of your cravings.

When you inhale, the robust tobacco taste lands on the tongue, intriguing you with its nutty flavor. Then, the savory almond flavor emerges on the palate, complementing the taste of tobacco perfectly. On the exhale, the sweetness of the tobacco comes through as that rush of sweet vanilla flavor breezes across the mouth.

This amazing ejuice from Juice Roll Upz Salt arrives in a 30ml dropper bottle for easy pouring.

When it comes to an awesome and oh-so delectable combination, this would be the nic salt eliquid to vape.

Package Contents Include: 

  • 30ml bottle of Vanilla Almond Tobacco by Juice Roll Upz Salt

VG/PG: 50/50

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Vanilla Almond By Roll Upz...

6.60 د.ب.‏ 5.478 د.ب.‏

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