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Raspberry Snap Iced By Snap Liquids 30ML
  • Raspberry Snap Iced By Snap Liquids 30ML

Raspberry Snap Iced By Snap Liquids 30ML

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Raspberry Snap Iced From The Snap Liquids is a refreshing raspberry ice tea unrivaled by any raspberry ejuice on the market.

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Raspberry Iced by Snap Liquids 30ml 

Trying to beat the heat? Need something so fruity and cool,you’ll instantly feel refreshed? For fans of bottled raspberry iced tea, you now have a reason to celebrate. Raspberry Iced Tea By Snap Liquids 30ml is a flawless flavor replica of that iconic beverage that came in a glass bottle. Each hit soaks the tongue in earthy, smooth black tea that’s flavored with tart and sweet raspberries.

The earthiness and slight bitterness of the black tea gets you salivating as soon as you inhale. Then, the tart, sharp berry taste blasts the palate. As it becomes increasingly sweeter, the vapor quenches your thirst. On the exhale, you’ll feel fresh and ready to go.

An ejuice like this one is so bold, it might become your next all-day vape.

Package Contents Include:

  • 1 x 30ml dropper bottle of Raspberry Ice By Snap Liquids

FLAVOR PROFILE: Raspberry, Beverage

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Raspberry Snap Iced By Snap...

5.25 د.ب.‏

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