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Blackberry By The Custard Shoppe E-Liquid Flavors 100ML
  • Blackberry By The Custard Shoppe E-Liquid Flavors 100ML

Blackberry By The Custard Shoppe E-Liquid Flavors 100ML

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Blackberry From The Custard Shoppe E-Liquid is a nice and yummy blackberry custard flavor that is directly taken out of the oven.

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Blackberry by The Custard Shoppe 100ml 

Blackberry by The Custard Shoppe 100ml vape juice is a nice and yummy blackberry custard flavor that is directly taken out of the oven.

Imagine being able to indulge in the taste of a huge bowl of rich, velvety custard speckled with plump, sweet blackberries and not consume a single calorie. Well, thanks to The Custard Shoppe, now you can. Blackberry vape juice is an outrageously indulgent dessert flavor that’s going to intoxicate your tongue each time you inhale and exhale. Blackberry ejuice is the flavor you don’t want to miss.

When The Custard Shoppe released their collection of custard-flavored vape juices, the entire vaping community took notice. The Custard Shoppe’s signature custard flavor is as rich and creamy as it gets. Now, they have carefully folded in ripe blackberries to create Blackberry vape juice. The tart and sweet berries balance out the richness of the custard beautifully, resulting in a deeply enjoyable vape that you’ll want to savor like a fine wine.

When you inhale Blackberry vape juice, your tongue will be tickled by the tangy, tart and sweet flavor notes of fresh blackberries. When you exhale, luscious vanilla custard flavor will wash over your palate, making you feel satisfied unlike anything else.

Blackberry vape juice by The Custard Shoppe arrives in a 100ml chubby gorilla bottle and is available in three nicotine levels to choose from. Its 75 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 25 percent propylene glycol (PG) base allow you to exhale large vape clouds while also getting a good throat hit.

If your sweet tooth wants only the best, Blackberry vape juice from The Custard Shoppe is the way to go. This silky and fruity creation is loaded with luxurious tastes that will blow away your taste buds.

Package Contents Include:

  • 1 x 100ml chubby gorilla bottle of Blackberry by The Custard Shoppe

VG/PG: 75/25
Flavor Profile: Blackberry, Custard

The Custard Shoppe

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Blackberry By The Custard...

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