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Ice Monster - Strawmelon Apple By Jam Monster E-Liquid Flavors 100ML
  • Ice Monster - Strawmelon Apple By Jam Monster E-Liquid Flavors 100ML

Ice Monster - Strawmelon Apple By Jam Monster E-Liquid Flavors 100ML

7.875 د.ب.‏
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Ice Monster - Strawmelon Apple From The Jam Monster E-Liquid, strawmelon Apple by Ice Monster is a satisfying fusion of fruits and refreshing menthol. You'll feel like you're on a tropical beach as hints of strawberry, watermelon, apple, and mint flavors take turns exciting your taste buds. 

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Ice Monster Strawmelon apple is combined with juicy strawberry, crunchy apples, succulent strawberries, and breezy menthol that invigorates the taste buds with an icy and satisfyingly fresh, fruity flavor. The inhale begins with strawberries and watermelon dancing across the tongue while the exhale is a blast of crisp apples followed by an ice monster. If you enjoy cooling off with refreshingly cool fruit, give this e-liquid a try! It could even become your new favorite go-to eJuice.


Looking for a blast of red fruits that’ll quench those vaping cravings with ease? Wanna experience them in a bit more of a cooler way? Well, vapers everywhere will be able to do just that, simply by grabbing their favorite mod and hitting Strawmelon apple by Ice monster 100ml. Give in to those fruity and extremely cool desires by vaping this amazing e-liquid today.


Our strawmen apple from Ice Monster arrives in a large gorilla bottle with a fantastic cloud chasing blend more. On that initial inhale, a mixture of ripe strawberries, juicy watermelons, and crisp apples take turns soaking your tongue in nothing but natural sweetness. As this starts to intensify, get treated to an icy blast of menthol that refreshes beyond belief.


  • Item Type: Strawmelon Apple
  • Flavor Profile: Strawberry, Watermelon, Apple, Menthol, Fruit
  • VG/PG: 75/25

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Ice Monster - Strawmelon...

7.875 د.ب.‏

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