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Vandy Vape - Pyro V3 RDTA Tank
  • Vandy Vape - Pyro V3 RDTA Tank

Vandy Vape - Pyro V3 RDTA Tank

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The phenomenal Pyro is back! The Pyro V3 RDTA atomiser by Vandy Vape is once again perfectioned to offer a varied vape in direct inhaling. The Pyro V3 atomiser does remain a RDTA with an assembly plate at the top of the atomiser, with a reservoir of 4ml at the base.

With the Pyro V3 there is a new aeration system at the top of the atomiser, so, perfect to avoid leaking of e liquids and to maximise the flavours. The Pyro V3 allows you assemble double and simple coil with a Postless assembly plate with 4 fixation plates. An ample plate for generous coils.

The filling is effectuated from the top of the Pyro V3 atomiser and is perfectly hermetic at the level of the top cap which closes and has a reservoir of 4ml. If the capacity is insufficient for you, the Pyro V3 is also compatible with the Bottom-Feeder Mods gracious to the long BF Pin.

The Pyro V3 arrives with numerous bonuses therefore 2 Fused Clapton Coils of 0.33Ω each and has an accessory which facilitates life of the vaper: the “Lead Guard Coil” which allows you to cut the coils of a good size.

Anti-leaking and Pro-flavours, the Pyro V3 RDTA is very assuring.

The Pyro V3 RDTA is made by Vandy Vape.

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The amazing Pyro Vape has been mastered once more to have a diverse vape in direct inhaling.

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Vandy Vape - Pyro V3 RDTA Tank

BHD 12.00

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