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A: yes you can vape in KSA, however there are some rules you have to obey. no vaping in shopping Malls/ restaurants or cafe.

Keep in mind you have to be 18+ to Vape its considered as Tobacco Product in ksa region.

A: Yes, Vaping is legal in Bahrain. you have to be 18+ years old. But keep in mind THC, CBD is not LEGALIZED and you will get jailed if you are caught.

A: Yes We do. although there are limits.
1 Vape Device
4 Vape Pods / Coils
2 LTR of Vape E-Liquid Flavor

these are the limit per 1 customer each 3 months.

in one parcel you are allowed to have only a MAX of 5 Quantity.(items)


Buy Dovpo Vape Products in Saudi Arabia – China is one of the dominating authorities in the vaping world. Shenzhen DovpoTechnology Co. Ltd. is the leading vape manufacturer in the country. It produces high-quality and innovative vape devices to let vapers observe the vape experience beyond imagination. Want to buy Dovpo vape devices in Saudi Arabia? Visit BHvapersto shop Dovpo products online and enjoy the extreme level of vape exposure.

Inaugurated in 2012, Shenzhen Dovpo Technology Co. Ltd. strives to snatch the driving seat with honest efforts and dedication. It is engaged in manufacturing, distributing, and marketing electronic cigarettes as well as other vaping equipment. Further, the company devotes its most energy and time to developing high-quality electronic vapes to cater to customers’ versatile needs. Dovpo follows the vision of providing innovative products to clients to be an industry-leading brand.

What Does Dovpo has to Reflect Under the Product Portfolio?

Being amongst the proficient vape developers in the industry, Dovpo brings a consolidated platform to represent enormous inventions on the board. It develops multiple sorts of vape devices spreading across assortments. Let’s have a glance at the collection.

Dovpo Mods

  • Topside Dual Squonk
  • Abyss AIO 60W Kit
  • Topside 90W Squonk Box Mod
  • Odin DNA250C
  • M VV II
  • Clutch 21700 Mod
  • Odin Mini
  • Riva DNA250C Box Mod
  • Topside Light Squonk Mod

Dovpo Tank

  • Blotto Mini RTA
  • Variant RDA
  • Blotto RTA
  • Ohmage Sub-Ohm Tank

Dovpo Accessories

  • Abyss AIO 60W Kit Accessories
  • Customer Service Support
  • Dovpo Topside Replacement Bottle Kit
  • Topside Dual (SE) Mod Replacement Battery
  • 7-in1 Pre-built Coils

All in all, Dovpo Technology Ltd. is perfectly set to revolutionize the vaping domain with all-inclusive formulations. The brand considers every customer segment, beginner and experienced while drafting manufacturing policies and strategies.

BHvapers: A ProfessionalPlatform to Buy Dovpo Vape Online in Saudi Arabia

There’s nothing hard to believe about the dedication, diligence, and potential of BHvapers.It is a professionally managed digital surface where you meet an extended range of vape devices, equipment, and accessories. Founded years back, BHvapers follows the philosophy of ‘Slow and steady wins the race’ and has proven it as the best fit for the vape industry. It continues to flourish across unique dimensions to let users confront the contemporary taste of vaping.

Furthermore, BHvapers is an authorized dealer of Dovpo vape devices alongside delivering products of other manufacturing houses. It paves a straightforward way for enthusiasts who yearn to consume something delectable without encountering health conditions. Grabbing the right quality with efficient nicotine management is the core objective of BHvapers.

While scrutinizing the collection of developments, users come across a greater variety of vape products and accessories. It adopts a plausible approach to make sure clients receive what they actually desire under budget.No one won’t be disappointed as customers are likely to contain top-quality inventions with an excellent support system. BHvapers deals with the following concerns –

  1. E-Liquids
  2. E-Juices
  3. Salt Nics
  4. Disposable Mods
  5. E-Cigarettes
  6. Vape Accessories
  7. Juul

Ultimately, vape lovers enjoy the liberty to click the fantastic presentation without hitting the pocket hard. It makes shopping Dovpo vape products online the easiest and comfortable affair altogether.

Why Approach BHvapers?

BHvapers presents itself as the top-class dealer and supplier of vaping devices in Saudi Arabia. It isn’t to exaggerate that the online shopping center captures enough expertise in the business of vape formulations to be a worthy choice for buyers. One can scan some of the following specifications to constitute a quick idea about the channel –

  1. BHvapers finds itself busy in the process of dealing with hundreds of visitors every week and nurturing them with their desires.
  2. It is one of the most experienced online platforms where visitors land to buy something extraordinary from the vaping domain.
  3. Further, BHvapers features an endless spectrum of vaping equipment, including e-liquids, e-juices, disposable mods, e-cigarettes, and many others.
  4. It crafts a customer-oriented return policy as well to resolve users’ disappointments.
  5. Moreover, all products are recovered from reputed global brands to mark authenticity and purity.

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